Monday, November 7, 2016

Allow Keke Palmer to Reintroduce Herself on Visual EP 'Lauren'

Allow Keke Palmer to Reintroduce Herself on Visual EP 'Lauren': Keke Palmer is keeping nothing down on her new visual EP Lauren, debuting solely on Billboard. The vocalist/artist/have/identity sharpens into her musical abilities and presents her defenseless side on tracks like 'Suspicious' and 'Weight.' She additionally hits the women with the partystarter 'Got Me F- - ked Up' and displays her faultlessness as an African ruler for 'Hands Free.'
Working close by maker/musician Sean Garrett and tapping rapper Dreezy, the 23-year-old Palmer offers reverence to her original name Lauren Keyana with an offering that is proudly herself.
Underneath, the Mudville, Illinois local separates the motivation behind Lauren and presents the full visual EP.
Why title the venture Lauren?
Since I have a feeling that it remembers what this entire EP is about, which is giving a passage into my identity genuinely, similar to where I originate from, how my profession as Keke Palmer started. Keke, obviously, is a family moniker. Everything connected to it - being my…

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