Tuesday, September 6, 2016

9 Health Benefits of Honey

9 Health Benefits of Honey: You slather it on toast and stir it into smoothies. But did you know that honey is more than a tasty, convenient sweetener? It also contains unique healing properties. 
“Honey is great medicine,” says naturopathic physician Shidfar Rouhani, N.D., D.C., a professor at Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine in San Diego. 
“It's antibacterial and boosts the immune system,” he says. “When mixed with other botanicals, it strengthens them too.” 

Here are 9 common ailments that often respond to this sweet treatment. Most people can safely take a tablespoon of honey in liquid every two hours. But if you have bleeding that won't stop or preexisting health conditions such as diabetes, consult your doctor before prescribing yourself honey.

And take care with infants: Don't give this or any remedy containing honey to anyone under 1 year old. That's because honey can contain small amounts of the potentially deadly botulinim toxin, and a baby's immune system isn’t strong enough to…

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