Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to boost your Social Media Today!! FAST!!!

Want to know how to boost you social Media fast!! BrainWave Fusion can help you with your brand step by step. We have work with KELLY PRICE, DEEDAY, JOSHUA GUNN, 5th WARD WEEBIE AND MORE. Building your social media is one of the keys to your success. 
As you probably are aware at this point, there's a considerable measure to be picked up by utilizing online networking. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Queen: Trump wasn't authorized to use 'We Are the Champions'

Queen: Trump wasn't authorized to use 'We Are the Champions': Queen says they don't want Donald Trump using their music and the classic rock band's publishing company says Trump has not asked for permission to use the group's songs. Sony/ATV Music Publishing — which admisters Queen's catalog including songs such as 'We Are the Champion' — said a statement Tuesday they have repeatedly asked Trump not to use the 'We Are the Champions,' which he played Monday during the first day of the Republican National Convention. Last month, Queen guitarist Brian May also wrote a blog post protesting the use of the song by the Trump campaign.July 19, 2016
'Sony/ATV Music Publishing has never been asked by Mr. Trump, the Trump campaign or the Trump Organization for permission to use 'We are the Champions' by Queen. On behalf of the band, we are frustrated by the repeated unauthorized use of the song after a previous request to desist, which has obviously been ignored by Mr. Trump and his campaign,' the statement read.
Trump's representative did not respond to…

Friday, July 22, 2016

Alton sterling New Video Released

Did He Really Just Say That- Joshua Gunn x Say Me

Did He Really Just Say That- Joshua Gunn x Say Me: NC Bar Spitter Joshua Gunn is back and in full braggadocio form on this A-List/Lunatic produced banger entitled 'Say Me'. Catch Gunn on Season 1 of Music Moguls on BET, and lookout for his new album 'Rage To Survive' dropping this summer. Follow on Instagram/Twitter @jgunnisbetter.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Game Helps A Mother Of 8 Kids With $1,000 In Groceries

The Game Helps A Mother Of 8 Kids With $1,000 In Groceries
The Game is keeping on putting in work toward completion brutality in urban groups with the foundation of his 'Yo Mama, My Mama' battle.
The Compton, California rapper purchased $1,000 in basic needs for a nearby family that he chose through Instagram. The primary beneficiary was Yvette Hicks, a mother of eight who brought up her youngsters all alone after a separation. Her girl Eunice presented a video clarifying why her mom merited some assistance.
TMZ got up to speed with The Game to find out about his manner of thinking behind 'Yo Mama, My Mama.'
'I figure with this catastrophe, and every one of the siblings slaughtering each other, cops murdering siblings, siblings executing cops, the one thing that individuals think about the most around the globe is their moms,' he says. 'So in the event that we can pay it forward and make my mom your mom and you take a gander at someone, you're similar to, yo, man, you helped some individual's mother over the road. Alternately you ask her how…

Was Ace Hood Still Hungry For 'Starvation 5'

Was Ace Hood Still Hungry For 'Starvation 5': Despite the fact that Starvation 4 should be the last portion of his famous mixtape arrangement, Ace Hood says that he felt he had unfinished business after its drop in November. That is the reason he favored the world with Starvation 5, which he discharged July 11, four years after the main Starvation mixtape in 2012.
'I felt like Starvation 4 was me during the time spent really adjusting myself to what 'Starvation' is presently in the feeling of taking a stab at something new,' Ace Hood says in a selective meeting with HipHopDX. 'I felt I was somewhat unsatisfied and I think the fans would be unsatisfied too so I chose to backtrack with Starvation 5.'
The Broward County Boss says he is satisfied with the 18-track venture, particularly in light of the fan reaction. He has picked up a significant following in his 10 years in the amusement and says that on Starvation 5, he is growing his sound while coming to back to his roots and it appears to look good with his day-ones.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brainwave Fusion | Build Your Social Media

Brainwave Fusion | Build Your Social Media

Joined Music Agency, which has practical experience in authorizing media content and has contracts with real rights holders, secured the assentions. 

Adrian Cheesley, Senior Vice President, Universal Music Group expressed: "Music has colossal esteem and we're delighted to achieve a business understanding that guarantees UMG's specialists are genuinely made up for the utilization of their music. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

B Streezy 'You Are The One' Released April 25, 2016

B Streezy 'You Are The One' Released April 25, 2016: Follow Bstreezy on Twitter  VOTE FOR BSTREEZY 

Joshua Gunn x Red Eye Lifestyle x BET Awards 2016

Joshua Gunn x Red Eye Lifestyle x BET Awards 2016: This #RedEyeLifestylemovement is spreading like wildfire, we made a major impact out at#BETAwards2016 and of course@respect_da_shooter captured it all. Full vid dropping today! #StayTuned#RedEyeLifestyle #NoSleepJustDreams#naturinaughton #djbaybay #bobbypen#london #bigtigger

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Joshua Gunn x Red Eye Lifestyle x BET Awards 2016

Witness Joshua Gunn and the Red Eye Lifestyle team make their mark on The 2016 BET Awards. Shot, Edited and Directed by Respect Da Shooter. #NoSleepJustDreams #RedEyeLifestyle

Saturday, July 2, 2016

How to Get More Organic Traffic (FAST)

How to Get More Organic Traffic (FAST): On the off chance that you need more to get more natural movement, you may concentrate on things like watchword exploration, third party referencing, and on-page SEO. Keeping in mind these methodologies are still super-imperative, they're a long way from the main things you can do to get higher rankings.
What else is there? Well as you'll find in the video, Google gives off an impression of being utilizing another positioning component. A positioning variable that is turning out to be increasingly imperative.
(How vital? As you'll find in the video, two individuals as of late upgraded their site around this positioning element and immediately came to the #1 spot in Google).
Furthermore, in this video not just will I demonstrate to you what this positioning element is, however you'll likewise learn:

- The basic, 3-stage process you can use to get more activity from Google...without higher #rankings (yes, truly).
- How a 2-minute change helped me rank #5 for the madly focused…

All Posts - Entertainment News and Gossip| Brainwave Fusion Social Platform

All Posts - Entertainment News and Gossip| Brainwave Fusion Social Platform

In 2010, B Streezy release his first mixtape titled "The Feature" hosted by Dj Hektik. This mixtape included collaborative songs with some of New Orleans recognizable artist such as Currency, Lil Booise,C murder, Na tee , Allie baby, just to name a few. Yet, one track that his fans grew to love was "Shawty Put Ya On" ft Y.Luck Prod.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Music Moguls behind the scenes w/ Joshua Gunn

Music Moguls behind the scenes w/ Joshua Gunn: Joshua Gunn and the Red Eye Lifestyle team take you behind the scenes of the 'Aiming' video shoot and Music Moguls taping in Durham, NC. 
Follow Joshua Gunn on Instagram and Twitter: @JGunnisBetter


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